Register online or call Debbie Voyles at:  731.548.2500  or email:   debbie.voyles@olqp.cdom.org

Days and Evenings of Reflection are shorter retreat experiences that are offered throughout the year. These “mini” retreats are centered around a particular topic.         A variety of presenters are invited to lead the event or a retreat staff member.

     Senior Day - Oct. 26, 2017

     Advent Day of Reflection - Dec. 2, 2017

     Ash Wednesday - Feb. 14, 2018

     Gay/Lesbian Retreat - Mar. 10, 2018

     RCIA - Mar. 17, 2018

     Good Friday - Mar. 30, 2018

     Senior Day - Apr. 26, 2018

A typical morning retreat begins at 8:30 with a continental breakfast.  Beginning times for evening events vary.

Morning or Evening Prayer or a reflection, a conference, time for quiet contemplation and discussion usually follow the meal.  Depending on the event, Mass will be celebrated proir to a delicious lunch or dinner.  Another session is held after this meal and the day concludes by 2:00 pm for morning events.  Ending times for evening events are dependant on the group.