3630 Dancyville Road  

Stanton, TN 38069-4711  

Our Lady Queen of Peace is pleased to offer a retreat addressing mind, body and spirit— a Tranquility Weekend for Women.   After the activities of the holidays this will be a restful retreat to re-center in the source of all life.  This retreat will provide a variety of opportunities to experience new tools for the spiritual journey that support physical wellness, mental relaxation, stress management and an overall healthier lifestyle.

A variety of choices are scheduled over the weekend and each participant may choose a full day or one with less activity. Click link below to see the weekend schedule and variety of activities and other offerings. Our special guest speakers are organizational expert Sandy Wright of WrightEdge Solutions, Michelle Short of Pen & Hive, Roxie Phillips from Memphis Healty Herbs, Sam Braslow of The Mighty Olive and others.

Topics for discussion wil focus on being present in the moment, where one encounters God and can more readily experience him in all of life's activities.

The weekend will begin Friday evening, Jan. 5th with dinner and conclude Sunday, Jan. 7th with celebration of Mass followed by brunch.

          Suggested offering:

          $210.00 Single occupancy            $180.00 Double occupancy


                                     $85.00 Saturday only

          Additional fees for your choice of amenities such as massage and facials.



Click here for weekend schedule

Massage & Facial Information

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